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summer + hunter’s wedding story || wauchula wedding photographer

This day.
This couple.
It was perfection, in all the right ways.

It started with a precious email from Summer’s mom back in October. She shared not only their family’s heart for the upcoming wedding, but also the fact that nearly 30 years ago MY DAD was her wedding photographer! How incredible is that?

Over the months, countless emails and texts and a FaceTime meeting; we got to know one another better and found the most beautiful connection in our faith.  When I think back on Summer and Hunter’s wedding day, this will be one of my fondest recollections.

And I know it will be the same for their friends and family as well- because this day and this wedding were focused on the best things, the most important thing.

Summer and Hunter didn’t want a day that was just about them.
They wanted a day that honored their guests and their Savior.

The schedule, the ceremony, the celebration- they were all crafted with others in mind and they all pointed beautifully back to Jesus.

What an incredible honor it was to capture these moments as they unfolded and to do so with my sweet cousin Sarah, who years ago, when I first started this photography business, often second shot with me.

Truly, we couldn’t have asked for a lovelier day- both in the details and thoughtfulness that were on display, but even more so in the smiles, the joy and the relationships that were built along the way!

The day began watching Summer prepare to marry her love. The room was dripping with both anticipation and laughter; the joy palpable. There were smiles and tears, especially after she read the letter Hunter had sent her way. Sweet conversations were met with even sweeter hugs and the first look with Summer’s dad and brother were evidence to the depth and meaning of relationships in this family.

As we stepped outside for some portraits, the wind whirled through dresses and gave everyone a reason to snuggle in closer. The flowers, bold and breathtaking were the perfect compliment to the variety of colors the girls had selected to wear. Every ribbon, every bud, every hue seemed to flow seamlessly- the attention to detail was remarkable.

As Summer prepared to make her way down the aisle, her friends and family looked on. Her mom, clasped her hands to her mouth in absolute awe. Her groom, amazed at the beauty of his bride. And then, a time of worship etched into the middle of their ceremony and more importantly etched into the hearts of those in that sacred space.

After the ceremony, a band of celebratory guests made their way to Summer’s family property where we not only captured the newlyweds, but witnessed a stunning and heartfelt gathering to honor the bride and groom. Tables lined with greenery and flowers, twinkling lights that were matched by the twinkle in Summer’s eyes, delicious food to fill the body and soul, dancing under oak trees and a dessert bar that truly put a bow on a spectacular day.

And then they were off, leaving amidst their cheering guests in a sea of balloons. Off on this grand, refining and sanctifying adventure that is marriage- with a solid foundation, an unceasing love for others and the most important thing of all- a resolve to love forever and to fall deeper in love with Jesus together.

That my friends is what this perfect day was made of!


 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12:10


Hunter and Summer (and your sweet families), Thank you for trusting us with these moments and allowing us to be a part of a day that will surely live on in more than just these photos- but within your hearts for years to come. As you walk into this new season of marriage, may you always lean into one another and into Jesus. It won’t always be easy; but it will always be worth it! I can not wait to see how HE uses your marriage to share His message of hope!

Congratulations and Love,

The Creative Team 

Dress: Essence of Australia | Florals: Cooper’s Wayside Flowers |  Make-Up: Taylor Bolin |  Hair: Lisa’s Hair and Nail Salon | Catering: Belinda Wheeler and Darin Hughes | Pie: Bride and Groom | Desserts: Jodi Albritton and Shelby Albritton | Ceremony Venue: First Baptist Church Wauchula | Reception: Bar Crescent S Ranch






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