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welcome to the world sweet chason

Humbled. That’s how I feel each time someone trusts me to capture tender moments in their lives. I am blown away, again and again, by the privilege of being a part of memories that few are able to experience first hand.
A groom opening his eyes to see his beautiful bride standing before him. A glance of tender adoration between a father and daughter just before walking down the aisle. A kiss, a touch, a whisper given between two people in love. These are the moments I treasure, memories I am honored to capture. And I have experienced each of these and so many more with Kristina and Clayton.
Then there are new experiences, like watching them gaze at their beautiful son. Seeing them work together, not only as husband and wife, but now as mother and father. Another kiss, another touch, another whisper- now falling on the tiniest of lips and the smallest of ears. Love redefined. Love growing. Love multiplying.

Love. Simple, sweet, pure love- for one another and for their precious little man.

Honored. That’s how I felt when I laid eyes on sweet Chason. Big baby blues that sparkle and twinkle, soft round cheeks just perfect for kissing and a smile that promptly melts your heart! At just around 5 weeks, he was brimming with personality and charm. He is a precious baby, a beautiful blend of his parents and a wonderful testimony to the goodness of God.

Little Chason, you are loved by many, but most importantly, you are adored by the very Creator of the stars. May you always remember how very valuable and precious you are in His sight!

Those baby blues…swoon.

I can not get enough of his smile!

Had to get an image with both their “first baby” and Chason in it!

 Welcome to the world Chason!

November 4, 2012 - 9:13 pm

Kelly - Annie, these are beautiful…such a great expression of your heart! Thank you!

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