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welcome to the world silas

Dear Silas,

Welcome to the world sweet boy. You have been prayed for over the course of 9 months and we are all so excited to meet you!

You may not know this for many years, but you have been blessed with some of  the coolest parents! I know because I’ve seen their love first hand- their  intense passion for others, long before you were even a glimmer in their eyes. I’ve watched them encounter joys and heartaches,  prepare for a wedding, commit their lives to one another, begin new adventures and then anticipate your sweet arrival. They love you- adore you. It’s evident when they gaze down at you and when they cuddle you in their arms.

They love others too and they seek to share The Source of that love daily.

I know that as you grow, you’ll hear all about Him and you’ll begin to appreciate the sacrifices your mom and dad have made so that others can hear too!

You are so very blessed Silas.

I’m excited to see where God takes you, as you grow into a little boy and one day into a strong young man.

For now though, we continue to marvel at the sweet little miracle that you are!


Mrs. Annie

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