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christmas minis

I’m so excited to capture your family’s story during your Christmas Mini Session!

Here are 5 Pro Tips to getting the most out of our time together!

  1. Full Bellies – Make sure your children are full before the session. Hungry bellies distract from happy smiles! (Please bring snacks/treats that “drool clear,” such as smarties, rather than chocolate candies/cookies that often make a mess on clothes and faces).
  2. Wardrobe – Select a color scheme that coordinates, but doesn’t match. If you’re having a hard time picking, consider where these images will be displayed and pull from that color palette. You can find more wardrobe inspiration here. A few rules of thumb:
    • avoid pieces with words and large logos
    • prints and patterns are fine, but keep it subtle and typically on one family member
    • use accessories and layering
    • avoid white shoes as they tend to stick out in images (dark shoes + dark socks = 👍🏻)
  3. Arrival – Arrive a few minutes early to your session. If you have children, avoid dressing them in their session outfits until you arrive. It is helpful to have their clothes ironed and hanging. The few minutes before your session can be spent getting them changed and ready to go.
  4. Be Contagious – Your happiness and excitement will transfer to your children in these images. If you pump up your mini session as a fun and then express that in joy and laughter once there, it will be contagious.
  5. Natural is Best – Everyone loves a great smile and the emotion it evokes when it’s genuine! Let’s work together to get your family to smile from their heart- which means leaving the “say cheese” behind.

We’re capturing the love of your family, but I’m a mom of 4 too- so I get there’s a certain level of stress that comes with family sessions! I’m cheering you on from behind the camera. Have fun. Don’t stress. Enjoy the moments. If it doesn’t go perfectly- it’s ok. What we strive for are real, authentic moments that showcase your family, your love, your story and those are the images that are always the favorites!


I can’t wait to see you soon!