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isabella’s senior story // gwinnett senior photographer

Photography has the coolest way of connecting people, who may otherwise have never met.
Such was the case with this sweet senior, Isabella.

We discovered that each of our families moved to Georgia within a week of one another last year. The struggles and joys of relocating definitely gave us an immediate common ground.

Before long, we were chasing light and laughing, as Isabella shined in front of the camera.

Oh how I love a girl who knows her style well, who has confidence that radiates from within and a smile that lights up each frame.
I also love finding an otherwise overlooked location and discovering all the beauty it has to offer!

This simple downtown space provided the most incredible golden hour and gave us a variety of options for capturing Isabella.
And just as the sun set, we stumbled upon the most charming little garden. To say my heart skipped a beat is an understatement. It literally could not have been more perfect! It gave us the most spectacular ending to this amazing session!

Thank you Isabella for trusting me with these moments! As you step into this last year of high school, I pray you’ll courageously pursue the things that set your heart on fire!



fighting perfection

I’ve been thinking about this simple reality for the past couple of days:
So many of us struggle with a performance based mentality, that often spills over into our relationship with Jesus.

It goes something like this: “I’ve got to do this to earn His love and if I misstep, even once, I’ve disqualified myself from being worthy of His grace or from being used by Him.”

And that simply isn’t true.

None of us are perfect. We can’t walk through this life without mistakes. Sooner or later we’ll encounter our own character flaws; but these moments are the ones that can drive us to Jesus, where the Gospel can penetrate, convict and lead us to change. And better yet, these are the very moments that instead of leaving us in a pile of pity and self doubt, can help us lift our eyes to our Savior.
Who is adequate.
Who is all we need.
They can remind us of the vastness of His love and how freely He pours out forgiveness and second chances.

And for a girl who often holds herself to a standard of perfection, that truth is liberating. Because I will fail. I will have to get up and try again. I will have to do it in His strength and not my own.

So, when you’re down on yourself, when you’ve messed up again, when you are weary and worn out and the voices in your head whisper “Surely, God can not use you. You are not enough.”


Think again.
Preach the Gospel to yourself.
Then, walk confidently in forgiveness and freedom.
And see,
just see what He can do with a heart that relies completely on Him!

How do you fight the lie that you aren’t good enough?

a new season

It’s a funny thing, this Spring.
Especially since I grew up in a perpetual state of summer, thanks to the geographical location I called home all these years.
But this? This is divine.
Flowers budding everywhere you look, birds chirping as though they have a million songs to sing, breezy afternoons that still catch me off guard and leave me lingering outside just a little bit longer.
But you know what else?
All of this growth and newness that our Creator is so miraculously putting on display; it’s as though He’s doing the same thing in my heart.
Ideas and dreams stirring in my soul, waiting to burst forth in a beautiful array of pastel colors. Prayers being lifted and answers being given.
It’s beautiful and overwhelming –
To have a relationship with the God who formed it all. To know that He cares about the details of our lives. To confidently rest in the fact that the dreams He has given will one day find their time of fruition.
Sometimes it just takes the birth of a new season. Some waiting. Tending. Praying. Trusting. Sometimes it’s tangible. Sometimes it’s just a radical change of heart.
But then, you find yourself there.
And oh what a glorious experience that is!
I’d love to know what God is growing in your heart these days!

4 legacy reminders

4 things I’ve been reminded of today:
1)When God asks you to do something bold, something that seems a little crazy, just do it. Because you never know what hangs in the balance of your obedience.
2)God still uses broken and imperfect people to share His story of forgiveness and new life. I never want that truth to be lost on me.
3)God can absolutely blow your mind and do the impossible. Never underestimate what He is up too!
4)When it’s all said and done, it won’t matter what you have gained here on Earth; not the size of your house or the size of your bank account… but what you’ve given and shared and how you’ve loved .

May our legacy be more than “stuff;” may it be that we loved Jesus fiercely and shared Him with others no matter the cost!

emily’s senior story // buford senior photographer

One of the beauties of social media is it connects us with people we may never have met otherwise.
Such was the case in this sweet senior story.

Since moving to Georgia, I’ve been on the look out for fun little shops and antique stores to frequent. I came across a spectacular one and began following some of their talented artists. It just so happened, that one of these ladies had a gorgeous daughter about to graduate from Buford High School. With a little help from Instagram and a ton of other fun emails in between, we decided on the perfect spot to meet up and capture this incredible season in Emily’s life.

The moment Emily stepped out of the car, it was obvious this girl was the definition of joy. She was bubbly and kind, with a smile that sparkled. She was up for crazy adventures, like hiking through tall weeds in sandals, without even a hint of hesitation. She was thoughtful and witty and so much fun to get to know. Listening to her, I could sense her genuine passion for others and her zeal for life.

Emily serves others by leading both a preschool class and an 8th grade girls small group at her church! But it doesn’t stop there- she’s making another trip to Haiti this summer to work with children, teaching them lessons in both English and God’s Word.

This girl is a dream!

Emily has wanted to be a kindergarten teacher for as long as anyone can remember and she’s been a cheerleader for nearly that long too! She’s just so well rounded, with a heart as big as her smile. I know her parents must be so incredibly honored to call her their daughter.

And here’s what I can picture over Emily’s college career- she’ll make waves- waves that will ripple out and impact countless others. She’ll take her faith and her passion and apply it. She’ll take her goals and crush them. She’ll take that smile and that joy and people will notice- there’s something about this girl that’s different. And they’ll be right!

And those unique qualities, those differences will make her stand out and give her the perfect platform to stand up and change the world!

So congratulations sweet Emily!

I’m so honored and thankful that our Instagram worlds collided and that I was able to serve you and your family. I pray these images will sit in frames and hang on walls and remind everyone who walks by what a treasure you really are!

“Don’t shine so others can see you. Shine so that through you, others can see Him.” C.S. Lewis

Special thanks to Grace for joining us, for adding to the fun and for helping us get those beautiful authentic smiles! Congratulations on your graduation as well!