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valentine’s surprises…

Valentine’s Day is so much fun in our house! While we believe in celebrating the love we have for one another every day, this is a great opportunity to really go out of the way to express in tangible ways, just how you’re feeling. Notes hidden, special meals cooked, streamers and cards, flowers and surprises- you know, the things memories are made of.

Well, 4 years ago today our Valentine’s plans were “interrupted.” I’m actually not really sure that we had great plans, as I was 9 months pregnant and wanted nothing more than to sit down and kick up my feet. But nonetheless, when we went to bed on February 13, 2007 we didn’t know God was going to give us one incredible Valentine’s present in just a few short hours. The mom of 2 boys, I could hardly believe when the contractions started for my little girl on the day of love. The nurses joked, the doctors talked about her future husband’s responsibility to shower her with gifts; gifts that must cover 2 important days rolled into one and Rahul and I smiled at the beautiful irony that our little bundle of pink would arrive on a day like this…

Our little Eden Grace… she brought unspeakable joy to our hearts that  Valentine’s Day in 2007 and has continued to do so in ways we couldn’t even put into words. Her smile, her subtle dimples, the way she giggles when she’s happy and shrieks when she’s about to be tickled, the way her hair falls down into loose little curls, her twirling and dancing, her tender spirit and her silly personality. They are precious to us- each beautiful reminders of God’s hand in creating her to be unique, unlike any other little girl in the world. She is our sweet little Valentine’s treasure and today, in between the chocolates, cards and little surprises, we did a lot of celebrating- celebrating God’s gracious love in sending us first His Son and then our darling little birthday girl.

Happy 4th  Birthday Eden Grace!

February 15, 2011 - 5:56 pm

Aunt KK - Hi Eden, Happy birthday!!! I love the beautiful pictures of you! You are such a beautiful princess! Hope to celebrate with you soon. Hugs & Kisses Love ya…..Aunt KK

February 14, 2011 - 9:43 pm

Jeanie Prevatt - Happy Birthday/Valentine’s Day to a gorgeous little girl! She is absolutely beautiful!

February 14, 2011 - 9:26 pm

Jessica Lake - You have a gorgeous little model in the making.

February 14, 2011 - 9:00 pm

Kimberly Roberts - She is beautiful Annie! Happy Birthday Eden!

February 14, 2011 - 8:46 pm

Robin S - Congratulations, she is adorable!!!

February 14, 2011 - 8:37 pm

Pop pop - Happy Birthday Eden!!! I love you Princess!

February 14, 2011 - 8:26 pm

Grammie - Happy birthday to our princess

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