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fighting perfection

I’ve been thinking about this simple reality for the past couple of days:
So many of us struggle with a performance based mentality, that often spills over into our relationship with Jesus.

It goes something like this: “I’ve got to do this to earn His love and if I misstep, even once, I’ve disqualified myself from being worthy of His grace or from being used by Him.”

And that simply isn’t true.

None of us are perfect. We can’t walk through this life without mistakes. Sooner or later we’ll encounter our own character flaws; but these moments are the ones that can drive us to Jesus, where the Gospel can penetrate, convict and lead us to change. And better yet, these are the very moments that instead of leaving us in a pile of pity and self doubt, can help us lift our eyes to our Savior.
Who is adequate.
Who is all we need.
They can remind us of the vastness of His love and how freely He pours out forgiveness and second chances.

And for a girl who often holds herself to a standard of perfection, that truth is liberating. Because I will fail. I will have to get up and try again. I will have to do it in His strength and not my own.

So, when you’re down on yourself, when you’ve messed up again, when you are weary and worn out and the voices in your head whisper “Surely, God can not use you. You are not enough.”


Think again.
Preach the Gospel to yourself.
Then, walk confidently in forgiveness and freedom.
And see,
just see what He can do with a heart that relies completely on Him!

How do you fight the lie that you aren’t good enough?

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