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The Ward Family \\ Gwinnett County Family Photographer

Sometimes it seems there just aren’t adequate words… words that are sweet enough, thoughtful enough, strong enough to tell a story. But I want to give it a go because these five people below- they deserve it!

You see, while the setting for these images may be in my new “backyard”- the subjects are not. In fact, they are treasured friends and clients from Florida- who while on their own Fall vacation, drove 6 hours round trip so we could capture their family photographs. Just typing that out brings tears to my eyes. 6 hours! On their vacation! For these images. Oh. My. Goodness.

When Mandy first messaged about this possibility several months back, I was a mix of all things giddy and just simply blown away. The thought that anyone would value your work and your relationship enough to make that type of sacrifice was so humbling.

I knew that capturing these moments for their family would be so incredibly special and our time together did not disappoint.

When I caught the first glimpse of them, my heart skipped a few beats. Not only was I going to get to hug the necks of these precious people- but, as always, Mandy had perfectly nailed their look! Being Florida girls at heart, we had talked about the hopes for some pretty Fall colors and light to drape the background and when she was building their wardrobe- she took all of those things in to account- choosing a fabulous palette, adding layers and mixing patterns just right!

But outfit choices are only part of a fabulous family session equation!

The other part -THE MOST IMPORTANT PART-  is all about interactions and relationships; and that’s what I love about this family the very most. They are tender with one another, yet they know how to have fun. They enjoy cuddles and kisses, just as much as tickling and running. They have smiles that light up when they look at one another and children who love holding hands. They do this family thing so well that often times, I can just sit back and capture the memories they are making. That’s a gift- a beautiful gift that I know Mandy and Joe would attribute to a gracious and loving God who has taught them how to parent and love with intentionality and purpose.

And today- I am so excited to share with you one of the sweetest and most thoughtful little families I have the honor of knowing.
My prayer is that these images will bring their family joy, smiles and tons of warm fuzzies and that the rest of you will leave inspired to plan a time to capture the love between your own family.

These seasons escape far too quickly; for our children really do grow up in the blink of an eye. May we never miss an opportunity to cherish and freeze these moments!

Thank you, thank you precious Ward Family! I really do love you all to pieces!

Can we talk about Mandy just slaying it right here? Holy moly model mom material!
I love when couples don’t shy away from what we would lovingly call “desk portraits!”
These individual images are super special because they give your spouse a perfect photograph to frame for their desk!

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