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the champagne family

Wow! With the start of school, both our children’s and USF, our family has been running on a lot of coffee and a tiny sliver of sleep!
But, things are starting to get back into a healthy rhythm again and I’m finally able to get back to a little blogging.

It seems fitting that I would dive back in with a session of a couple I’ve been capturing for years. Engagement, wedding, maternity and now, after 7 long months, I  got to meet and photograph sweet Sophie Grace! And since it’s College Game Day, posting a fellow Noles family is just the icing on the cake!

On their family vacation, which consisted of a super long drive to Florida, this family arrived for an early morning session, after being back in the sunshine state for less than 24 hours! To say they value photography would be an understatement.

You see, they get it. They want to freeze these moments. They want to cherish and treasure and remember what it’s like to wrestle a 7 month old into a headband and an adorable outfit with buttons. (We love you GAP, but whew, that can be a workout!) They want to remember the tiny toes, the eyelashes, the sweet little smile and the curious way their little girl plays with her mommy’s necklace.
And I love that about my clients. They understand that sometimes it’s a sacrifice, you might have to get up early and do a little extra planning, but it is so worth it to have these memories captured for years to come.
Because let’s face it: we moms know, they are only little once. Before you know it, you’ll blink and they’ll be walking the halls of middle school. Trust me!
These are the moments– the ones you don’t want to forget.

So don’t worry about everything being perfect. Don’t worry if you think your little one might be clingy or if they might not always look right at the camera. Don’t worry if they are shy or if an older brother is missing his front tooth. In twenty years (in 5 years even), you’ll be glad you captured this season. You’ll look back and see just how far they’ve come and your heart will be overwhelmed!

Just know that family sessions can be unpredictable when children are involved, but that’s what makes it fun, unique and a one of a kind experience. Personalities shine through, milestones that are being made are recorded and the sweet little unsuspecting moments turn out to be the ones that you’ll hang on your wall and swoon over for many years to come.

These are the things this session was made of and as I share it with you, I bet you’ll see why family photography should be a priority on your to do list as well!

Many thanks to this incredible family for trusting me again! I can not wait to see how God will continue to use you all to inspire, encourage and strengthen those around you, for His Glory!

(P.S. GO NOLES! Sophie Grace, keep “Seminole Chopping” today!)





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