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The Ludewig Family || gwinnett family photographer

“We are mirrors whose brightness is wholly derived from the sun that shines upon us.” – C.S Lewis

When Jennifer contacted me about capturing her family, I was so honored. I have seen them in the halls of our church and have had the pleasure of chatting with her during a women’s leader gathering- but now I would have the privilege of watching her family interact in front of my camera. I was incredibly excited!

We met up on a frigid Georgia day and though the sun certainly decided to show off, the cold remained.
But stronger than the chill, was the connection between these 4 and so much joy– joy that was clearly spilling out from deep within!

Smiles and giggles abounded, hugs and snuggles were natural and there was a sense of adventure that made our time together come alive.

They weren’t afraid of playing and exploring and allowing real moments to unfold.
And when the girls tossed leaves, eyes twinkled and magic happened.

But not just with the girls. For when I turned around, I found Jennifer and Matt, enjoying a sweet moment too!

Then the family snuggle. It melts my heart every time.
Everyone wrapped up together:  cozy, safe, cherished.
It’s the comfortableness of this moment that allows personalities to shine! And 10 years down the road, when these girls aren’t able (or interested) to climb into laps, they’ll have this- a reminder of this season. A season that slipped away far too quickly, but one that was full of energy, laughter and so much love! 

And goodness, I could not leave out these delightful sisters- who brought all the cuteness and charm.
Their relationship is far too precious for words. It made me smile just as much as it brought tears to my eyes, thinking about how precious they will be to one another as they grow over the years!

Finally, as light was turning to dusk, we focused for a few moments on the love which started this family story,
the two who infuse joy and hope into the hearts of their girls, the ones who lead them well and point them to the true source of Light. This love is always worthy of capturing.

Thank you Ludewigs, for trusting me to capture your family story-for opening your hearts and your lives- and for the immense joy you brought into mine.


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