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A few weeks ago I spent the morning with this adorable little family! Seriously, they are beyond cute!! Rachel and Nick’s precious little boy has such a sweet personality and some killer blue eyes. They’re going to be melting some hearts one day just like they did mine when I met him!

We spent some time playing with balloons, running around and just having a great time. In fact, I got an email not long after the session from Rachel noting that Nick concluded our time together had been…. FUN!! That’s one of the highest compliments ever, especially coming from a dad!

It was a blast and because I love my clients so, I even caved and bought orange and blue balloons for the shoot. While it wasn’t  easy looking at something other than garnet and gold, I enjoyed watching Trenton’s face light up as soon as he saw them. (Did I mention his mom and dad are BIG Gator fans?!)

Here are a few images from their session that just made me smile!

Such a precious family moment captured forever! Indeed, these are the times that you’ll want to remember so many years down the road!


I’ve dubbed this the “running series” – I love these of Rachel! What a fun mommy!


It doesn’t get much better than a little boy and some curiosity!


One of my favorite images simply because the long winding sidewalk seems to conjure up the journey of a family. I love it!


This picture happened much by accident! I placed Trenton up on the bench to enjoy his animal crackers, thinking I could snag a few up close shots. When I asked his mom and dad to join him, Trenton quickly moved to the ground, still eating and looked right up at them. How adorable!


Here are those amazing eyes I was talking about! How handsome is he?!


We wanted this shot:


But before Trenton would cooperate, we had to make a trip down to see the puppies.  This was his doggy expression, so cute that I couldn’t resist posting!



Love this one!


Finally, I wanted to share another one that speaks to the wonder and amazement of seeing life through the eyes of a child!


Thank you Rachel and Nick for allowing me to not only capture your family, but to have so much fun in the process. Trenton was an angel! It was such an honor to watch you interact and express your love for one another; and I pray that these images bring countless smiles to your faces for many years to come!

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August 10, 2009 - 1:18 pm

Dee - Great job as always…now lets do some of the Awesome Agarwal Family!!!! Love you guys

August 10, 2009 - 12:55 pm

A'me - These are beautiful!! Go

August 10, 2009 - 12:37 pm

Jessica Knight - What great photos…he was a such a cutie pie…

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