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the “law” of love: jamie and eric

I can hardly believe the time it’s been since I’ve found a few moments to settle down and post! Since Valentine’s Day we have had 2 birthday’s in our family, numerous illnesses (I suppose this won’t change until they’re all a bit older) and tons of catching up to do. I took a break from blogging so I could really focus on getting sessions and wedding edits up to date, so I could get a little sleep and of course, so I could make sure that I was spending adequate time with my hubby and 4 beautiful children.

I’m happy to report, the “to do list” is shrinking, I’m learning the value of prioritizing and that my husband and children are seeing me a lot more! Not quite a total success, but great strides in progress!

But… now on to Jamie and Eric’s fun engagement session. Whew, did we get some curve balls thrown at us that day! Our original idea for a location ended up being a bust due to an event, we experienced various traffic closings due to hundreds upon hundreds of bicyclists and my van decided that it would act out as well. In fact, it was almost 11 pm when I returned home, as the alternator went out on the drive home! (Longest engagement session ever!) Praise the Lord the evening ended well and of course that despite the hurdles, we had a fabulous time capturing their love for one another.

Jamie and I have a mutual love for the color yellow; so I was so excited when she pulled out her bright scarf! I’m also partial to red heads (I’ve shot a few of them lately) and have told Rahul if I was brave enough, I’d attempt that look for myself. Jamie rocks it so well, I’m not sure I could ever compare though!

Jamie and Eric both study law, so it seemed only fitting to bring along a couple of their favorite books and to shift into a more studious mode!

I just love this next image. The light shining through on Jamie’s hair and down onto their books on the floor. Perfect!

I’m always,  ALWAYS up for making engagement sessions unique and really personal; so I was thrilled when Jamie and Eric pulled out their gloves and a ball to celebrate one of their favorite memories together.

I love this series of images in the grass. We were reaching the end of our session and they just cuddled up together, oblivious to the camera. These are the moments I adore and am always so honored to capture!

Jamie and Eric, I had such a fabulous time with you both. I’m looking forward to your wedding day celebration, now more than ever!

June 6, 2011 - 9:34 pm

Lindsay G. - I was looking through some of your last sessions when I saw this one. The girl looked familiar, and then when I saw her name (and that she loved softball), I realized it was Jaime Stephens! I went to elem/middle school with her! Small world!

May 25, 2011 - 9:34 pm

Shelley - So good! Never a bad picture Annie!~another great session!

April 11, 2011 - 1:55 am

Tommy - i like those shots that taken, they look so romantic couple..

April 5, 2011 - 12:32 pm

Kim Wilson - Fantastic photos, Annie – as always! What great-looking couple, too!

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