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the engagement- part 2: jill and daniel

About a month ago, I shared with you some precious memories I had the privilege of capturing, when Daniel proposed to the love of his life Jill, on a blustery Florida beach. Immediately following this surprise, Jill was shocked to find another one: an impromptu engagement session in the very spot where Daniel had popped the question! This entire idea of documenting the love, excitement and joy of the very moment this new commitment is made, makes my heart happy. It truly takes capturing this season of life to a whole new level! See for yourself…

“I didn’t really understand the significance that was August 1, 2011 at the time.  I didn’t know that I was about to meet my future husband.  What I did know was that once I met Daniel, things were different.  I was the new girl in everyone’s life, but he made me feel right at home.  As we spent more and more time together, building a friendship, I knew that he was different than any man I had ever known.  After I started working at our church alongside of him, we began to spend even more time together.  I vividly remember a moment where he walked by my desk and I thought, “I’m going to fall in love with him.”  I knew I was done for.

As Daniel began to pursue me, I was blown away by his love for the Lord and his willingness to do whatever God asked of him.  To this day, he constantly challenges me to draw closer to God and to seek Him first.  He consistently puts God’s glory at the forefront of every step he takes.  Daniel was intentional in every step of our relationship.  I never had to doubt or question how he felt about me or what the future held.  While still
guarding my heart, I was immediately able to trust this man God had brought into my life and dream of what the future might hold.

The future took a quick turn when my boyfriend of six days told me why he had just flown to Texas – he was interviewing for a job – 1000 miles away.  I don’t know how to explain it other than God-given peace.  I knew immediately that he was supposed to go, that God had called him there.  I knew this meant our road would be a little more difficult than we anticipated and certainly different, but there was no doubt in my mind that God had called Daniel and we both needed to respond in obedience.  There was also no doubt in my mind that I wanted him to be my husband and that God had brought us together for a purpose.  After many weeks of prayer, decisions were made, plans laid out, and after dating for about two and a half months we hopped into a moving truck and moved him halfway across the country.  
We knew that we were committed to God’s plan and committed to each other.

As always, God has proven himself faithful.  While it was never easy to be apart, we communicated every day and each traveled many miles to spend time together.  God drew us together in a way that I think only long-distance couples can attest to.  A part of our communication was alway Monday night “Skype dates.”  While we made plans to see each other the weekend after our one year anniversary, Daniel, always the romantic, still wanted to make our anniversary special.  We planned to watch the sunset together – I would be at the beach, he would be at a park in Texas, and we would video call one another.  He told me that he arranged a special “set-up” for when I arrived.  While a part of me thought maybe, just maybe, he might surprise me on this special weekend, too many details were falling into place for that to be the case.  I completely believed that we would sit in our respective states and watch the sunset together through our phones.  Little did I know how much planning was going on behind the scenes.

I arrived at the beach to a beautiful set-up of mason jars filled with sand, candles, and a blanket.  Well, the candles weren’t exactly lit you see because it was a very windy day.  As I think every girl will understand, this affected my hair as well.  I sat on the blanket and began to turn to find the best “angle” for my hair – we were after all about to have our one year anniversary date!  At one point, I had turned completely around to where the water was at my back.  As I looked up, I saw Daniel.

I was completely shocked and a little confused!  He had covered every detail so well that I had a hard time believing he was really in front of me!  After some of the shock wore off, he got down on one knee.  I had been in love with him for so long and at that moment, he told me he loved me for the first time and I was finally able to say it back.  This proved to be such a beautiful guard and protection of my heart – to save those words until that moment when he was making the biggest commitment to guard my heart forever.  He then asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.  Without hesitation, I said yes!

It was the perfect moment between just the two of us that we were then able to share with many of our closest friends and family that same night!  I cannot wait to experience the adventure God has set before us as we pursue being a force for His glory as husband and wife!”

 So super excited to see where God takes this precious couple and of course, for their upcoming wedding!

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