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birthday catch-up

Spring is the busiest season in the Agarwal household for sure! It’s packed with all kinds of celebrations from anniversaries to birthdays. These two handsome guys have their special days exactly one week apart and since I haven’t had a chance to blog their yearly milestones, I thought better a little late than never!

First up, our big 6 year old! This sweet boy has brought more joy to our lives than we could have ever anticipated. He has a tender little spirit and is the first to reach out to give a hug or a snuggle when he sees someone in need. He charms just about everyone he meets with his smile and those precious little dimples. He’s also got a fierce sense of style, with an adoration for bow ties and cool socks. It seemed quite fitting that he picked this outfit, from his uncle, to wear for his birthday pictures! And when I say birthday pictures, I mean 5 minutes in our backyard that he was willing to give me before he started playing basketball again with his older brothers! Gotta love boys!
At any rate, it’s hard to believe that our little guy has grown up so quickly! We can’t wait to see how God uses him to touch others and to make a difference in the world! Happy Birthday Matthan!



And then there’s Collin, who turned eleven this year! (ELEVEN, friends- I can hardly type that out without my hands shaking!) How does your first-born grow up so quickly? This sweet boy has matured so much over the past year and continues to blow us away with his growing love and adoration for Jesus and others. He is wise and dependable beyond his years; and if you can’t seem to find him, it’s likely that he’s tucked away somewhere with a really good book! As he continues to grow and steps into the middle school years, we’re looking forward to watching God mold him into a fabulous young man! Happy Birthday to our very own “CIA!”




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