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8 years of love

It’s hard to believe that this weekend marked 8 years since we received the sweetest little Valentine! What a beautiful blessing to have her come into our lives on a day already devoted to love! With big brown eyes and a personality as bright as the sun, this girl captivated our hearts from the beginning. She has brought us […]

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Pause: A Personal Reflection

This blog post has been writing itself in my heart for nearly a year, but sometimes it takes the prompting of the Holy Spirit and a friend to have the courage to sit down and let the words flow out. And today was that day. It almost seems like there really isn’t an easy place […]

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what my daughter taught me about saying “goodbye”

Goodbye. I don’t even like that word. But the past few days it’s been ringing loud and clear around our house, weaving itself in and out of conversations and buzzing around our minds like a pesky fly that you just can’t rid yourself of. Goodbye. It seems so permanent. It takes joy and somehow seeps […]

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