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Valentine’s Day: The Heart of Giving

I come from a long line of really great gift givers. You know, the ones who can walk in a store- see something that isn’t on anyone’s “list” and instantly know that it’s perfect? As a child, this was exhilarating, because the element of surprise made opening each present a celebration in and of itself. […]

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Valentine’s Day Family Traditions : Part 2

I’m not really sure how this tradition began, but much like the secret notes I shared about last week, this one stuck too! It must have been somewhere in the mix of juggling work, ministry and raising four kids that I discovered I could often go an entire day without giving appropriate praise to my […]

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valentine’s day : the perfect gift

Did you know it’s less than a month away from Valentine’s Day?! Don’t spend hours at the mall contemplating what to buy for your sweetheart! The perfect gift is just an email away! Easy. Thoughtful. Perfect! For more info, please email: or click over on our contact page to let us know you’re ready […]

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