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waiting on eli

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Jamie and Paul, their hearts for one another and for the Lord. I’ve been able to capture their season of engagement and their wedding. But beyond even those precious moments, Jamie and I have found ourselves in a variety of settings where we’ve been able to steal a few minutes of time together to talk about the things in life that really matter- sharing our faith, motivating others to be transparent and desiring to see individuals understand the beauty and gift of grace in Jesus.

When this sweet couple told me of their plans to adopt a baby, I was over the moon excited for them. What a special child who will be blessed to call them “Mommy and Daddy!”

As plans have unfolded, many unexpected, God’s perfect timing has overwhelmed Jamie and Paul; and very soon, they will be holding precious Eli in their arms. In order to celebrate this incredible time, we met up for an adoption session.

Jamie and Paul shared that their precious Elijah was found abandoned in a forest. Can you just let your mind go there? Abandoned. In a forest. Seemingly alone. In the eyes of the world, a baby who did not stand a chance at survival.

But even then… God knew. He knew Elijah by name. He knew his coordinates. He knew the family that had been praying for him.
Eli wasn’t alone. He was found.
He wasn’t discarded. He was cherished.

His life- full of great purpose.

Namanya- God Knew.

Elijah Namanya, a little boy who is loved beyond what his heart will ever be able to comprehend, by His Heavenly Father and his earthly family who will soon be on their way to bring him home.

It seemed fitting to sneak away into a secluded area to capture these moments, as a reminder of how big our God is and how He rescued Elijah from the ground of a forest and has placed him into a family who will teach him to follow Christ with sincere passion for the rest of his life.

I just can’t wait to meet this sweet little guy!

To read more about Jamie and Paul’s adoption story, click here.

To order a Namanya shirt (by September 1st), to help support other families adopting, click here.



August 21, 2013 - 3:32 pm

Trayce Daniels - These are so good. I can’t wait until they are blessed with Eli. They a great couple. Jamie & Paul are truly a great couple with great values. I’m Blessed to know them.

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