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rearrange your perspective

Anyone else attempt random projects while their spouse is out of town?

In the past I’ve rearranged furniture, painted brown doors aqua, redone our master bedroom and hung new art on the walls. All the walls. In every room. 

The past 7 days, while Rahul and Collin were in Mexico was no different. We painted Eden’s room from dingy tan to crisp white, hung tropical wallpaper in her alcove, took a van full of boxes to Goodwill, moved a couch from the main level to the basement – which included taking down a door (I don’t mess around) and mowed the yard. Twice. 

I think these projects are partly to keep myself busy so I don’t think about how badly I’m missing my crew, but they also seem to mask a lot of worry that’s deep down inside. 

So, while I always enjoy the accomplishments that are visible at the end of these trips, I don’t want to ever slip by with so much busyness that I forget to sit down with my Savior and trust what He is doing.

Trust that He’s got my husband and son in His hands, that He’s protecting and encouraging their weary hearts and bodies while they serve, that He’s changing lives through the way they love others. And trusting that while the rest of us are here, He can still show up and use random phone calls from new friends to remind us we aren’t forgotten, that He can take an afternoon of painting and strengthen a mother daughter relationship and that He can replace worry with peace.

And just like always, He did not disappoint. Growth and stretching both physically and spiritually happened. My quiet more introverted son stepped out of his comfort zone into the role of dependable leader and consistent encourager. And my husband got to lead students again, using his bright personality to shine into the darkness when it was tough, investing in the next generation and leading them closer to Jesus. 

So while a few rooms look different in our home after this trip, what’s even greater is the change that happened inside, as we were all reminded to give it to Jesus each morning, leaving the results safely in the hands of The One who loves us the most! 

Praise be to God for how He showed up this week!

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