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the gledhill’s story \\ tampa family photographer

There’s just something about an open field and some pretty sunlight. Add in four (almost 5) of my favorite people ever and you’ve got a recipe for so much sweetness your heart can barely stand it!

Our journey of friendship with this family started years back in Tallahassee when Rahul and I were attending college at FSU; and it has only grown and deepened as the years have slipped by so quickly. Now, this amazing couple, (whom we had the honor of capturing on their wedding day) has a growing family that literally charms you from first glance. It seems like just yesterday Kristina was walking down the aisle to Clayton and now they are fantastic parents to two of the most adorable little guys you’ve ever seen. And I’m betting when their princess joins them, all of our hearts will melt again!

Here’s the beauty of this session… even when toddlers are being toddlers and boys are being boys- there are moments to capture. Precious slivers of time that will be treasured, even when they seem a bit mundane as the shutter clicks. A hug for Mommy, a swing in the air with Daddy, the smirk of a handsome boy, eyelashes resting on chubby cheeks. These are the times we don’t want to forget, for they are the moments that will fill our hearts with memories and joy for years to come!



Sometimes, you have this idea in your mind. A vision for what a moment should be. And then when it plays out differently, you realize what you would have missed if you hadn’t allowed it to just happen on it’s own. See, we were dreaming of snuggles on mommy’s leg, hands on her belly and kisses for their sister. But what we got tells the story so much better. Daddy’s strong hand with big brother’s just resting on top and a hug for his sister, perhaps foretelling of the protection and love this girl will find in them. Then the sweetest little gaze off into the distance, with a lovey in hand reminding us that even though he’s about to be a big brother, he’s still just a little guy himself. It’s a perfect image of what this life is like for Kristina and Clayton during this season and one they’ll be able to remember in a raw and touching way. This is why photography matters. It tells the story of our lives. It gives us the opportunity to remember, to relive and to cherish the things that we might otherwise forget.
And then there’s the glowing mom. Radiant as ever. Waiting so patiently to hold her beautiful girl in her arms.
Oh, Gledhill Family. You are treasured and loved. We look forward with great anticipation at all that God will continue to do in the life of your family!

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