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the g family

What a great morning I had getting to know Mr. J and Miss S! They were simply adorable and such sweet little kiddos. I’ve had the honor of hanging out with their awesome Mommy at our MOPS meetings and I was so excited to finally meet her entire family. They were just as incredible as I had imagined.

Here are a few of my favorites from our super early session!!

Of course, with their outfits, this incredible door from one of my favorite stores (thanks to my cousin Sarah) was just the perfect backdrop! Could these two get any cuter?!


One of my faves: Nothing like a little sister looking up to her big brother!


What a handsome little boy!


Miss S was so precious! There is something so sweet and girly about this image that makes me giddy when I look at it! Don’t you just love how she positioned her feet?! How adorable.


More “girliness” with this spontaneous pose!


Yep, he’s a heart-breaker for sure!


I love these sweet expressions!




All morning long these two collected acorns, stuffing them in their pockets and handing them over to their mommy to hold. How could I resist when their hands were overflowing? Kinda like our hearts when we think of all the blessings in our lives too!


This may be my favorite of Mr. J! Look at that smile. Doesn’t it just say “All boy?”


This one of Miss S’s eyes takes my breath away! How gorgeous is this little gal?


And just for fun, I couldn’t resist posting this one! The kiddos munched on some “Bogles” throughout the morning. At one point, Miss S. looked up at me in the middle of her treat and I caught this priceless expression. I immediately showed it to her mom,  but wanted her to see it “in real life!”


Thanks G family for being so awesome and for being so patient. My sweet hubby hurt his back last week and has been out of commission, which means editing and posting have gotten a little backed up. However, as I always say: “Family First.” Thanks for understanding!

Hope these brought lots of smiles!
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November 11, 2009 - 10:32 pm

Dee - THese brought lots of smiles to my face what adorable children and again amazing photos

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