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the blessing of 4: the forlow family

I love capturing families, but I’m a total softy when there are four sweet ones. I’m constantly reminded of my own precious blessings while I spend time with theirs. This awesome family was so much fun to work with- the kids were downright adorable and phenomenally well behaved, despite the monster sized mosquitoes that attempted to carry us away! Flexibility and patience played a huge key in making this a success and Katie, Luke, Sarah and Emma were up for the challenge. They went with the flow and charmed me with their toothless smiles and spunky personalities. Their mom had it right when she said in her email, “Let’s just have fun!” Fun, that’s exactly what a family session should be!

So, here’s a little sneak at our delightful time together!

I adore this first image because it speaks so directly to the relationship that these children have with their father. You can literally sense the love, adoration and respect they have for him by the way they circled around and snuggled up.

  How do you get this:

and this?

You let them do this first!

Be prepared for complete cuteness!

And, I always adore a picture or two of mom and dad! What a beautiful reminder to your children of the importance of commitment and unconditional love! Besides, how often do we as parents find ourselves in front of the camera?

My favorite! This is one of those I would have to blow up and hang so I’d see it every day! What a beautiful family.

Speaking of hanging up images, it’s that time of year when Christmas is knocking at the door and everyone is looking for the perfect gift. I frequently receive emails from families who would like to print images for their home or for relatives during this season. The tendency is to get quite a few 4×6 prints and to place them in a collage style frame. This year, I propose that we change our perspective and look at the images from your session as art. From experience, a large quantity of 4×6 images simply does not have the same impact as a few carefully selected prints in larger sizes. I thought this adorable family would be a great way to explore the possibility of thinking outside of the 4×6 box!

Take for example, a master bedroom. Rather than one frame with a collection of small images, imagine waking up to something that not only adds visual impact to your room, but tugs at your heart strings as well!

What about your dining room, the place your family gathers and your guests join you for scrumptious meals and lots of laughter? Nervous about one day changing the style of the room, stick with classic black and white images from your session.

How about some of your favorite images that show the character and personality of your family in an unexpected place, like the laundry room? Now that’s one way to get inspired in an unassuming room in your home!

You see big isn’t scary! Big makes an impact. Big makes your memories larger than life and leaves you reliving them each time you catch a glimpse. Take the plunge this year, go big. You’ll be so glad that you did!

Thanks Linsey and Brent for being such good sports and for sharing your family with me! It was an honor!

November 8, 2011 - 12:12 pm

Summer - You captured this family beautifully Annie! They are a precious family and these pictures just made me smile. They will treasure them for years.

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