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diaz:family session

I met up with Ben and Lydia, one extremely warm morning, to capture some precious moments of them with Ray. I was so excited going into this session, simply because I’ve had the honor of shooting 2 of Ben’s 3 brothers and their families. I just love this Diaz clan!

But, in an effort to keep it real, my excitement was coupled with anxiety, as Ben’s stunning wife is a model- and I’m not talking a model for your local newspaper, I’m talking…New York model. In fact, this cute couple just moved there! I couldn’t imagine how unique the morning would be shooting someone who’s always in front of the camera, knowing that family sessions are so different and filled with so many spontaneous moments.

The morning was a blast! Lydia and Ben were great, and cute little Ray was nothing short of adorable! And… thanks to Maury (Ben’s mom) and a little patience, we got some precious expressions as well!

Here are some of my favorite images from their session, starting with one that I would be framing in my own home if this was my little girl! I just love how Ray was sticking close to her Daddy! Isn’t it so sweet?



One good looking fam!



I love this little series from inside the gardens! There’s something so touching about a little girl and her daddy!



Taking a break = having lots of fun!


I believe, one of the most precious moments during family sessions is when the camera fades away in the mind of the clients and genuine interaction begins. This little segment of time can produce the most priceless images, just like this one! You can almost feel the love!


I found out before our time together that Ray’s favorite colors are green and purple, so I couldn’t resist bringing along a little “prize!”


A couple of moments with Maury!


This picture makes me smile…


…as does this one!


Finally, I couldn’t resist sharing these last two. Lydia caught a lizard for Ray during our session. I couldn’t believe how close these girls got to the tiny slimy critter- way braver than me for sure!!


What session would be complete without the true expression of childhood? Silly faces!! 


Thanks Ben and Lydia for allowing me to freeze in time some sweet moments of you with the little girl you both love so much. It was an honor and of course, lots of fun! Sure hope you’re enjoying the “Big Apple!” May these images help bridge the distance between you and the ones you adore!

Blessings, Annie

September 8, 2009 - 1:52 pm

Sharon - I swear that Diaz family are some of the prettiest people ever! And now they have Lydia!! We may all stop taking pictures altogether once Ben and Lydia have a baby;) And I can’t believe Lydia picked up a lizard! Great pics!

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