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Looking back, one of my fondest childhood memories is running in front of the camera while my parents, who also happened to be photographers, snapped away.  We could fill volumes of albums with these images of my brother and me. In fact, many a night, we’ve settled in on the couch and looked through these photographs. They take each of us back to a certain season in life and before long we’re laughing or reminiscing about the past. These photographs hold the key to so many memories and after having children of my own, I began to understand in a new way, why it’s so important to capture your children – your family- on a regular basis.  While it’s valuable to have images that document growth, it’s also just as meaningful to have imagery that highlights personalities and relationships. There’s something so precious about capturing the love and bond between siblings and parents, and yes, even mom and dad. Your children will look back fondly on these images and recall how much they were loved and adored. As a parent, you’ll be able to see your children’s growth, their changing personalities and that sparkle in their eye for many years to come. What could be better? Preserve this chapter of your life with a personalized family session, which includes assistance in wardrobe, location and prop selection as well.

Family sessions begin at $125.00.