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rachel and dan:engaged

This weekend I met up with Rachel and Dan to capture some images marking their engagement. We had a great time together; and I’m pretty convinced I haven’t laughed that hard during a session before! We dodged golf balls for the first part half of our time together which made it even more comical. The latter part of our session was a little on the adventurous side, causing more smiles and yes, some pretty tender moments.

Here are a few of my favorites!




I found this huge green leaf to peek through while Rachel and Dan were enjoying a tender moment. I love how it turned out!



This one might just be my favorite from the session. Rachel was totally working the camera by this point. When I got home and saw the image on my screen, I discovered there seems to be a heart in the picture too! Can you find it?! Oh how I love happy surprises!


This tree was so pretty, we couldn’t pass up a chance to get it in one of the pictures too.


Rachel also told me how much Dan loves his truck and how they enjoy muddin’ in it as well! Yes, I grew up in a muddin’ kind of town, so taking a moment to capture them in “their element” seemed perfect!


Check out those cowgirl boots!


We left our first location and decided to head over to the lake. On the way there however, we realized there wasn’t an entrance so I convinced these lovebirds to head out into the weeds for a few minutes. I happened to walk away with some serious bites on my feet (hint: flip flops aren’t so great for this kind of an adventure); but these images totally made it worth all the “pain!”

I couldn’t decide: color or black and white?


And, of course, I had to end with another kiss.


Thanks for a great afternoon guys! I can’t wait for your wedding.

October 27, 2009 - 2:52 pm

Dee - I love the “Heart” .. great job…. My favorite is them peaking around tree..

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