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meet the dream calendar kids…

Ah, the anticipation of finally being able to share a few of these precious little children with each of you!

Logistical plans have been in the works for several weeks, but many of the details were needing to be ironed out…fields, clothing, props, paperwork- the list could go on; but finally we were at a place to start meeting the children and shooting their calendar sessions yesterday afternoon.

I have to admit before heading out my heart was racing. I always love these sessions. They are simply some of my favorites. The stories. The families. The love and acceptance. The hope and the joy. Children, created in the image of God. Beautiful. Priceless.

What a responsibility to capture them for who they are, to freeze their sweet faces and to then share them with the world. It is a task I can not take lightly. So my heart races, butterflies flutter in my stomach and my hands get sweaty…until I meet them and I fall in love.

Now, you get to do the same…

Sweet Taylor

Charming Braelyn

Darling Siblings Evan and Emma and Allie and Abbie

Beautiful Anna

My heart is full as I look at these images, as I wipe tears from my eyes knowing the joys and the struggles that life has brought to their families, but so excited to share their darling faces, their bright eyes and their smiles with you.

Would you like to get involved? There’s still time!

Your business can sponsor an ad or make a donation…and don’t forget, we’ll be selling the completed calendars in mid-November too!

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