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The Story:

Photography has always played an enormous role in my life. Watching my own parents, both photographers, capture memories for our family and others, inspired me to do the same, even at the earliest age. Now, as a mom, I have come to value even more so, the priceless moments that can be captured forever. Many years down the road I want my work to do much more than merely hang on walls. I want it to tell a story. Those who gaze upon it should be able to envision rich moments full of joy and happiness! They must be able to see what mattered the most.

Recently, the word story has taken on such a significant meaning in my life. I’ve been challenged by other leaders, whom I greatly respect, to consider that every  individual has a story- each unique, rich with details, with twists and turns, unexpected surprises and moments that are etched forever in the soul.

And each story yearns to be told, almost beckoning with open arms the desire to share glimpses of chapters within the greater novel. These stories make us who we are. They help define us. Mold us. Teach us. Grow us. Inspire us. Give us hope.

The beauty of photography is that in a split second that story can begin to be told and preserved for generations to come. Thank you for finding me worthy of capturing yours!




My Loves:

-My relationship with a Loving Savior, who desires to give us each a purpose and a story worth living
-My sweet husband, Rahul, who encourages, loves and supports me on a daily basis, who leads our family and who also happens to be my favorite second shooter in the world
-My four energetic and absolutely adorable children (see picture above for proof) who remind me daily that I am blessed beyond measure and that I need abundant grace to make it
-Coffee! I’m serious. Grace and coffee, that can get me through just about any day! My all time favorite is from NOBTS! There’s nothing like some New Orleans Pecan Praline Coffee  … sigh
-My family (and my friends that are like family)-  as in, my parents, brother, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins- the list could go on. There’s something to be said for these tight knit relationships, whether near or far. I am so blessed to have such incredible people who have over the years invested in me and loved me unconditionally.
-Ministry-whether it’s supporting my husband in his new endeavors at Gwinnett Church (such an awesome place that is #FORYOU, seriously you should give it a try!), dreaming big dreams for how to impact the world for Jesus or just serving- I always consider it an honor to share the love that I have so freely been given
-Writing- I come from a family of people who enjoy the written word deeply and that was surely passed down to me! You’ll find personal, and hopefully inspirational blog posts woven into the fabric of my online journal
-The beach- ever since my parents took me as a baby to dip my toes in the ocean, I’ve been hooked. Nothing says relaxation and inspiration like sitting in the sand, listening to the waves crash and admiring the beauty of our Creator
-The Seminoles! Yes, that’s right. I bleed some serious Garnet and Gold. It’s a family tradition. I graduated from F.S.U.,  met my husband there and adore anything and everything Noles.
-Chocolate- but that’s a no brainer right?